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Cecilia Bartin jumping on stage in "Girls State," now streaming on Apple TV+.
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Let Teen Girls Run the Government

May 30, 2024

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What would American democracy look like in the hands of teenage girls? That is the question at the center of "Girls State," a new Apple TV+ documentary and the nationwide civic leadership program that it's named after. As participants, high school students are competitively selected into an immersive experiment in which they must build a mock government from the ground up, complete with municipal roles, branches, a governor, and a Supreme Court.

The film takes us inside Missouri Girls State 2022, where hundreds of girls from across the state gather at Lindenwood University to reimagine what it means to govern and devise a better democracy. As citizens of Girls State, these young women take on fierce elections and the toughest political questions of today, on top of the trials of teenage-hood. Amid political polarization and set on the heels of the leaked Dobbs draft decision, the girls of "Girls State" challenge themselves and each other as they build pathways to the future that they want and make plans for how they're going to run it.

Joining us today to talk about their Girls State experience and their plans to change the world are some of the girls from the film, Cecilia Bartin, Nisha Murali, and Tochi Ihekona.

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