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The Women's March hosts a rally and march to the Supreme Court on the first anniversary of the Dobbs V. JWHO decision, which reversed the federal right to abortion that stood for 49 years. It returned regulation of abortion to the states, and roughly half acted to ban it immediately. Some of those bans have been reversed by federal court, and more await hearings and decisions.
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Two Years Post-Roe: Life in the Aftermath

June 20, 2024

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On this episode, we’re going back into our archives to share an episode that unfortunately still has deep resonance today. Last year, we asked you what a year without Roe has been like in your lives and you responded in droves.

Today, with abortion still banned in 14 states with little exception, life looks a lot like it did last year at this time. So we’re running it back today and sharing "A Year Without Roe" again, to remind us all of what’s at stake as abortion is on the ballot this November.

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